To make your website online, you need to get a server and a domain, but first, you should know what is a domain and what is a server?

You may say “You started to teach us how to create a website before telling us about web hosting”

From our experience in teaching web development, we found that when the students start to write codes or creating webpages, they have a question; how these files we wrote will be online?

If students have questions without answers, they will feel that something is missing, they will be distracted, and they feel that they can’t understand.

So, we decided to write this topic at the beginning of this course, to answer this question briefly. Of course, we will talk about web hosting in advanced topics.

What’s the domain? And what’s the server?

First, what’s the domain?

It is just a name followed by .com, .net, … etc. for example, when you open Facebook, you will write in URL in your web browser. So, is the domain of Facebook.

Second, what’s the server?

When you write code, you will write it in a file that found on your hard disk. So, this means that when you open a web page on the internet, you actually open a file that found on a hard disk. But where will this hard disk be? Of course, on a certain computer somewhere in the world. This computer is called a server.

So, the server is just a computer with very high performance and connected to the internet 24 hours/7days a week. It should be with very high performance to let millions of users use your website at the same moment.

How to get them?

Did you hear about web hosting companies before?

Web hosting companies buy many servers and rent servers for people who want to create websites.

So, what about the domain? The domain is registered by money. It looks like when you will open a shop or a store with a certain name, you should register this name to protect it from being stolen by someone who wants to trade on your shop name.

So, you will register your domain in a legal company. Today, the hosting companies can register the domain for you and rent the server for you.

So, how you can know the best web hosting company? Choose the company that offers you unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth.

So, what is the bandwidth?

In simple words, it measures how many users can use your website at the same moment.

Of course, you saw before the following message when you open a certain website

This message means that the website you tried to open has limited bandwidth.

bandwidth limit exceeded

For example, suppose this website has a limited bandwidth that allows only 100 users to open the website at the same moment and suppose that there are 100 users already use the website and you tried to open this website. Of course, you will be the user no. 101.

Because the bandwidth is limited and you the user no. 101, you will see this message and this means that there is no place for you on this website and you should wait for another user to close the website and leave it.

Of course, this bad thing. So, our trip for you is to choose the web hosting company that offers unlimited bandwidth.

Now, you many think that unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth means a high cost or a lot of money.

Actually, today web hosting is cheap, and it starts in certain companies from just $1.99 as a discount at the first-time registration and from $7.99 after that.

So, you can rent the server for 3 years for the first time to get the most discount for first time registration.

Do you need to get a domain and server to start learning web development?

No, you don’t need to pay money for server and domain to start learning.

So, how could you watch your codes or webpages you will create?

We will use a free software called XAMPP which will make your PC or laptop as a local server.

This allows you to see your website project as they are online on the internet to test them.

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