Do you think that programming is hard to learn and you like programming and willing to change your career to be a professional web developer or programming? Are you wish to create programs and professional websites?

Do you have concerns regards learning programming and think that you are not able to study programming?

Are you say, “A programmer must be fast on the keyboard and he must be intelligent”?

Actually, you just fear the unknown and all your thoughts about the programmer are not true.

With us (in our channel and website) you will learn programming and web development in new easy and simple ways.

Is programming truly hard to learn?

Some people think that a programmer is a person from another planet, or he/she should have high intellectual capabilities, or a high IQ score and it is not easy to learn programming languages, but, actually, it is not so hard.

And you may read before on websites or some people told you that it is so hard and not anyone can learn how programming.

This is not true? Let me surprise you. Programming is so easy. Learning the English language is harder than learning programming. You do not need to be brainy, all you need to have motivation, interest, and discipline. Patience in learning is the golden key. That is all.

Programming is to order the computer to do some tasks. And to order it, you should know the language of the computer to speak with it. So, you can consider programming languages as a new language. That’s all.

And the advantage in programming is, learning one programming language means that you learn all the other programming languages. This is because all programming languages have the same concepts. This is cool right?

And, if learning programming is hard, can anyone learn it by himself? You may say that it is impossible.

Actually, our team is graduated from the faculty of science; the chemistry department, and we are all working as medical laboratory specialists. However, we are also programmers.

How did we learn it? By ourselves from big references.

Is programming profitable? Is it worth it?

You may decide to learn programming for 2 reasons:

  1. To change your career because you hate it or because you can’t make enough money from your current career.
  2. Because you love programming and you want to study it and work as a programmer beside your career.

And you made the right decision because programming is not just an interesting and enjoyable but also, programming is profitable.

For exampleو you can make money from creating websites, Android applications, and on-demand software and selling it. Also, you can create your own website and android applications to make money from advertisements.

Don’t worry, we will teach you that.

How to start learning a programming language?

Actually, programming is just a tool used by a computer science. 

learning programming languages does not mean that you are a good programming. Ask yourself, if you know how to use a hammer and screwdriver, does this mean that you are a professional carpenter؟

Of course, no.

You need to learn carpentry first. 

So, if you want to be a professional programmer, you need to study computer science first.

This means that you have to 2 ways:

  1. To be a professional programmer. 
  2. To be just an ordinary programmer.

You have to choose one.

To be a professional programmer, you need to have a solving problem skill which may need you to study data structures and algorithms which are computer science courses.

This means that if you want to be a professional programmer, you need to study computer science first.

So, how to start studying computer science? 

You have to start with an introduction to computer science course which is known as CS50 in Harvard university

But, in Harvard university, there are many versions of CS50. The most useful one is CS50AP which is not available online and it is not free.

But, don’t worry.

One our channel, we start making this course available for you with more exercises. You can check this playlist. Also, you will find the course on this website on this link or you can check the menus.

Learning Programming needs to be Math pro. I hate math

I heard that Math is important in programming and I should be genius in math to learn how to program (Don’t believe that):

Many people say that there is no relation between math and programming. Actually, there is a relation between them.

You need to study math to work in some important fields of computer science such as artificial intelligence. For example, you need to study Linear algebra, Calculus, Discrete math, and many other math fields.

However, it is not important to study math if you just need to create programs. And if you decide to study computer science, Of course, you will study math.

And if you decide to study math, you don’t have to be a genius.

Math is simple and, on our channel, you will love it because we will teach you math in simple ways.

Actually, you will study many academic courses here such as Data structure, algorithms.

I am an old age; I think I am late. Learning programming is hard for me now:

First, it is never too late for learning whatever your age, gender. You can do it.

Second, programming is so easy, and anyone can learn it even a child can do it. And with us, you will, definitely, change your mind.

The Mission of our YOUTUBE channel and website:

As you know, courses in programming and web development are expensive and many people want to learn programming or web development and they can’t due to the high cost and also maybe they don’t have time to go to course providers.

Because we learned for free from big references, we decided to teach programming and web development for free and also, you can watch the videos at any time which means you can choose the proper time for you.

We will start from scratch which means you don’t need to have any experience or background.

It is for beginners and professionals.

We will teach you the details which means you can consider it a diploma not just a course.

That’s not all.

At the end of each course, you will make a project to get trained. This is very important because many people will ask how to start, although they finished the course.

In other words, if a client asked you to create a website or make a program, do you will open your laptop and start coding? or you should make the plan to create it.

With us, you will know the best way of thinking to know how to do your project perfectly.

Learning requirements in our channel and website

Experience: you don’t need any previous experience even in the programming languages as we will start teaching you from scratch.

Software and devices used: You just need a PC or a laptop with MS windows. You don’t need to buy any software since we use free software and we will provide you with the download links.

How to contact us?

If you have any question, you have 3 ways to connect with us: