When you hear about the job titles web designer and web developer, of course, you will ask What the difference between the web designer and the web developer is.

You will feel that they are the same and you may think that these are interchangeable job titles for the same job description and duties.

Are there differences between them? Yes. Each one has different duties and job responsibilities.

In this title, we will talk about the job description of each one, the programming languages each one should know, the programs each one should use, and also, we will know the categories of the web developer.

Who is the web designer?

Why we should start talking about web designers first?

This is because creating any website starts with the design.

Also, if you create the website directly by coding everything and present it to your client, what you will feel if your client requests an edit? Actually, you may start from scratch again.

However, if you make a design first and the client request an edit, it is easy to edit the design.

Job description:

A web designer is a person who is responsible for the shape of the web page that the user will see (user interface).

You can think about the web designer as the one who transforms an idea into a beautiful drawing or as an architect that draws the Architectural Drawings that the civil engineer will use to start building.

SO, what does the web designer do?

He/she designs the webpage by dividing it into elements and determine the position of each element and choose the suitable colors and so on.

For example, when you open a Facebook page, you will see your name on your right hand and a blue line at the top and the posts are in the middle.

Who does determine the position and design these elements? Who does choose the colors? The web designers of Facebook.

You may say, this is not a big deal. So, why does a web designer is a separate job?

Actually, a web designer job is very important, because he/she is responsible for 2 things:

  • The user interface (UI).
  • The user experience (UX).

What are UI and UX?

The user interface (UI) is the shape of the webpage including colors, the webpage elements positions, and all of this should be fit and suitable for the brand he/she creates the design for.

The user experience (UX) is how the user will use the website. All the functions of the website should be easy for the user to use. If the user finds that it is difficult to use the website, he/she will close the website of course. So, UX is very important.

Therefore, the web designer job should be separated from the job of the web developer.

We will talk about UI and UX in detail on separate topics.

When the web designer finishes his job, which means he/she creates the design considering the UI and UX principles, then, he/she creates what we call the prototype of the website. The prototype is what will be presented for the client to be approved or rejected.

If the client approves the prototype, the prototype will be delivered to the web developer to start building the website. (We will talk about that in this topic).

Programming languages the web designer should know:

We knew that the web designer cares about the outer shape of the webpage, so, he/she doesn’t need to know any programming languages. But it is preferred that he/she knows HTML and CSS which are responsible for the webpage design.

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Programs the web designer should use:

Because the web designer cares about the colors and shape of the webpage, he/she use graphic design software such as Adobe Photoshop (PS), Adobe Illustrator (AI), flash software, or other graphic design software.

Also, there is some software that the web designer can use to create webpages from just drag and drop interfaces such as Adobe Dreamweaver. This will let he/she makes the design and it generates the HTML and CSS automatically

Also, Microsoft lunches an online application called Sketch2code in which you can draw the parts of the Webpage on a paper by your hand and just take a picture with your camera and then upload it and the application will generate HTML for you.

Although these applications are helpful, you should revise any generated HTML code to see if it is good for SEO and will not generate any errors.

Who is the web developer?

Job description:

The web developer gets the approved prototype from the web designer to start building and makes the website alive.

You can think about the web developer as the Construction Engineer who starts building based on the designs he got from the architects.

The web developer is the one who writes the codes that make the website dynamic (i.e. works automatically). For example, when you need to create a Facebook account, do you sent a request to Facebook to create the account for you, or you can create it by yourself?

Of course, you can create the account by yourself, because the web developer writes the code that let you enter data and store it in a database.

The web developer job can be classified into 3 different jobs:

From the name, you can feel that it is the same as a web designer, but actually, the Front-End developer (FED) uses some programming languages that responsible for making the design actionable such as JavaScript, jQuery.

BED is the one that writes the codes that work in the back end to connect the website with the database to create a dynamic website.

The full-stack web developer is the one who can create a website from scratch.

He/she does the job of both the Front-end developer and the back-end developer.

Also, He/she should know the basics of UX and UI which means he/she can work as a web designer too.

Programming languages the web designer should know:

Of course, the web developer should know many programming languages.

For the Front-end developer, at least, he/she should know HTML, CSS, JavaScript (JS), and jQuery.

While the Back-end developer, at least, he/she should know PHP, JS, and jQuery and if he/she wants to make more professional websites, he/she should know python, C++, Java and other programming languages that can be used for web development.

The Full-Stack web developer, he/she should know all these programming languages.

Programs the web developer should use:

The web developer uses software to write codes. This software can check the codes for errors and compile or interpret the code and show him/her the result of the code.

There are free programs such as Brackets (brackets.io) which you will use to learn HTML and Netbeans (netbeans.org) which you will use to learn other programming languages.

Also, there are some non-free programs such as Microsoft Visual Studio which is very powerful but you should buy a license.

But don’t worry the free software is also very powerful.

Which one is better?

Actually, this question is illogical because each one has a different job and they complete each other.

Both meet the client and work on the same project.

You may say, but of course the salary of the web developer is bigger.

Yes, the salary of the web developer is bigger, but the difference in the salary between them is not big and you may find a professional web designer whose salary is bigger.

Also, the web developer is not the senior of the web designer.

Can I work as a web designer and web developer?

Of course, you can.

You can work as a Full-Stack web developer.

But you may say that is never design before. I can’t choose fitting colors. I never use photoshop before.

Don’t worry. Today, web designers don’t use images and just use colors. For example, Google and Facebook don’t use images in their designs. They use colors only and make catchy designs.

If you don’t know how to choose consistent colors, we will teach you the rules for choosing fitting colors.

Don’t worry. We will teach you how to create a website from scratch without using images.

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