Hi, this is Dr. Kyrolus K. Faheem and Dr. Hasnaa A. Hassan. We are medical laboratory specialists from Egypt.

Are you surprised? Want to ask, what is the relation between programming and medical laboratory?

Technology and programing are the future and we can combine between programming and any other field in general and the medical field. For instance, bioinformatics, medical coding and web development.

So, we learned programming from scratch until we reached advanced level for 5 years as a self-study. We learned for free, from videos, big references.

And because we know that courses in this industry are expensive, we decided to create this website to teach programming and web development free.

Our goal is to teach anyone decide to start in this industry as a beginner whatever their age, gender, financial state.

In addition, we are seeking to be the first platform that care about details. Therefore, we divided our course to levels starting from beginner to the advanced levels.

So, Coding bible is the place you need to learn and know all tricks and trips related to programming industry (web development, front end, back end, full stack) that you would not find it anywhere else.

In other word, you can consider Coding Bible as the Ultimate reference in programming.

Receiving all your inquiries is our pleasure and we will be available around the clock to answer you. Just leave comments on the topic you want to ask about, use contact us page or you can contact us at:

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Kyrolus and Hasnaa.